MBL Bonifačić Krk

Medical-biochemical laboratory Gorana Bonifačić, mag.med.biochem.

About us

MEDICAL – BIOCHEMICAL LABORATORY Gorana Bonifačić, mag.med.biochem. is located within the Health Center Krk, in Vinogradska 2B. The laboratory operates as a private practice contracted with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute.

CHIF contractual partner
Medical Biochemistry Laboratory Krk
Medical-biochemical laboratory

Gorana Bonifačić, mag. med. biochem.

Our location

Vinogradska 2B, 51 500 Krk, Croatia


Laboratory examination panels

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+385 51 221 956


Blood sampling at home
COVID 19 tests
Blood sampling at home service
  • The blood tests are ready within working hours and we will deliver them by e-mail.
  • The service is available every business day, from 07:00 to 14:00 hours
Contact us for detailed information
COVID-19 infection tests
  • Rapid antigen test for COVID-19 infection
  • Serological testing for COVID-19 antibodies (referral laboratory)
  • Rapid antigen testing is available every day from MON-FRI from 09:30 to 14:30 hours
We issue a COVID certificate to all patients with a negative rapid antigen test